Our sustainability journey

At Lambert Estate we believe in crafting not just exceptional wines, but a sustainable future too. Here’s how we blend our love for wine with our commitment to the environment...

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Sun-Powered Winemaking

Our 220kW solar power setup not only fuels our operations but also gives back, producing more energy than we use.

Waterwisdom 46

Water Wisdom

Every drop of water in our winemaking comes from captured rainwater. Along with drip irrigation and recycled water, we’re all about conserving this precious resource.

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Garden Nourishment

All wastewater is purified and repurposed to irrigate our lush gardens.

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Organic and Sustainable Vineyards

For over 15 years, our vineyards have thrived without pesticides, embracing organic practices wholeheartedly.

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Regenerative Agriculture

We’re committed to enhancing and working with our ecosystem, focusing especially on soil health.

Ecofriendly pest 50

Eco-Friendly Pest Management

Our integrated approach encourages beneficial insects, reducing the need for chemical sprays.

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Recycling and Reusing

Our grape waste isn’t wasted – it’s transformed into fertilisers and feed for local farms.

Circlularresources 52

Circular Resources

We recycle all cardboard and glass, and all food waste is composted, enriching our soils.

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Estate Grown Grapes

Our grapes are grown right here at our property surrounding the winery, cutting down greenhouse gases from transport.

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Biodiversity Boost

Our multipurpose farm is a haven of biodiversity, boasting the largest variety of native plants, fruit trees, and nut trees in the Barossa Valley.

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Natural Habitats

We actively preserve natural habitats to enhance biodiversity on our property.

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Gravity-Powered Processes

We minimise pump use by harnessing gravity in our winery operations.

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Eco-Smart Winery Design

Built into the hillside, our winery maintains a consistent temperature year-round, reducing the need for energy-intensive climate control.

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Green Mobility

Electric vehicles are our choice for vineyard transportation, keeping our carbon footprint in check.

Join us in celebrating the fruits of nature in a way that honours and preserves our beautiful planet. Every bottle from Lambert Estate Wines is a toast to sustainability and quality.