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Ben Saunders - Exhibition

2nd May 2024 - 24th July 2024

Come along to meet Ben Saunders, Lambert's current exhibiting artist.

Ben will be on site to have a chat about his lovely local artwork. Ben's bio is below;

As an artist rooted in the vibrant landscapes and flora of South Australia, my creative journey has been a transformation from the structured world of graphic design and advertising into the unrestrained expanses of artistic expression.

My art is a testament to the profound influence of the natural world that envelops me.

I've found liberation in the untamed beauty of the landscapes and flora that grace South Australia. My work is often a play between the tangible and the intangible, a celebration of the spaces where impressionism and expressionism converge.

Through my relationship with nature, I explore the delicate balance between the observable and the imagined, sometimes surrendering to the allure of abstraction. My work seeks to capture not only what meets the eye but also the emotions that linger in the periphery. Line, form and colour coalesce, inviting viewers to engage with the plants and landscapes that inspire me - to journey beyond the surface and explore the intricate connections between humanity and nature.

Exhibition dates: 2nd May 2024 - 24th July 2024